Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Well, folks... Apparently blogging isn't really my thing. I'm not very consistent. Oh well. I make no promises for consistency in my blogging this year either. Today I'm just getting something off my chest.

My friend Jane died last month. On the 12th, to be exact. 9 days after she gave birth to her third baby, a precious boy whom she never met because she was put into a coma before he was born.

My heart broke that day. It broke for Chloe, who is old enough to understand that mommy will not be coming home, but not why. It broke for Tobiah, who will never meet his mom who loved him so much, even before his birth. It broke for Ava, who we recently learned has a malformed cerebellum and is developmentally behind in several areas, but is the sweetest little girl you may ever meet. And it broke for Trey who not only lost his high school sweetheart-- the love of his life, but has to raise these kids on his own. I can't even fathom what he's going through right now.

I don't understand why Jane died last month. I don't understand why she never got to meet Tobiah, or why she never got to see Ava walk by herself (which she can now do!). I don't understand so many things about Jane's death...

But here's what I do understand, what I cling to: My God is still sovereign. He is still faithful. He has not abandoned this family in this tragedy. Before he was born, Trey and Jane named their boy Tobiah, which means "God is good," and that is no coincidence. I pray that anytime Trey picks up his baby boy he'll remember that God is still good, even in this.

This song sums up my thoughts pretty well.