Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yoga-itis/Whooping Cough...

I've been sick for a solid week. It started really bad, and I'm now to the point where I can spend most of the day off the couch/bed (I did take a nap today when the kids did, though...). I still have this nagging cough, runny nose, and low energy, though. The coughing is accompanied now by a sharp pain to the rib cage. Awesome. I have realized that the only position that decreases the pain to my ribs is this yoga position:

Yep, that's right. I am currently lying on my bed in a similar position. Move the arms up, and raise the head, and you've got me right now. Of course, to cough, I'm in full yoga mode. There's the exercise I've been missing this past week (ok, and the previous month...)!

Another side effect of this illness-- earlier bed time. In the past few years, I've had the "What in the world did we do after 10 pm every night in college??" conversation numerous times. I've upped the ante, folks: "What in the world did I do up after 9 last week??"... I am a grandma. A yoga-ing, sweat pant wearing grandma. And I'm embracing it. Bring on the bifocals!

Anyway, My boss went to the doctor last week because of a sinus infection. He gave her an antibiotic that has done nothing to heal her. She got a call today. The family went on vacation with her cousin a few weeks ago... He was diagnosed today with Pertussis (whooping cough). She's getting tested on Saturday to see if she has it. We're praying she doesn't (and that I don't) since there's a baby in the house. If she has it, I'll get tested. Until then, I'm quarantined.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boys: Gross

I got out-poop storied today... True story. Only one person should have a poop story per day. Today was my day. Or so I thought!
I've started my new position as nanny to 2 little boys and I'm loving it so far. One is 3 (B-- potty trained), and the other is 9 months (little T--clearly not potty trained). So fun!
Today, I had a screaming baby on my hip for 2 hours straight. Thankfully, it was during B's nap time... As I'm walking, I hear "Miss Stacy... I pooped in my underwear" coming from upstairs. Of course you did. I only have one hand to take care of this. Apparently this hasn't happened in a long time before today...
As I called my sister to tell her about it, I hear this on the other line: "What is on your hand? Tell me that is not poop on your hand! Oh my goodness! That is poop on your hand!"
Her child found his way into the bathroom and decided to play in the toilet... While it had the 3 year old's poop in it... She wins. I bought her a caramel frappuccino as her prize. She deserves it. Her kid plays in his brother's poop.
Boys: Gross.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I've heard about this game from a few different places: you're given a category, and you have to decide if you love or hate it. Since there's a lot going on right now, and none of it is particularly funny, I'm going to play this game.

  • New job- complete with newly crawling baby and story loving 3 year old-- love

  • The virus that has kept me in bed for over 24 hours-- hate

  • The fact that I have an excuse to lie in bed and watch movies/sleep all day-- love

  • Nephew's first birthday-- love

  • Progress (or lack thereof) on my bucket list-- hate

  • Bananas-- hate

  • This blog-- love

  • This game-- love (sometimes, I make my boyfriend play with me. He secretly loves it, too.)