Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boys: Gross

I got out-poop storied today... True story. Only one person should have a poop story per day. Today was my day. Or so I thought!
I've started my new position as nanny to 2 little boys and I'm loving it so far. One is 3 (B-- potty trained), and the other is 9 months (little T--clearly not potty trained). So fun!
Today, I had a screaming baby on my hip for 2 hours straight. Thankfully, it was during B's nap time... As I'm walking, I hear "Miss Stacy... I pooped in my underwear" coming from upstairs. Of course you did. I only have one hand to take care of this. Apparently this hasn't happened in a long time before today...
As I called my sister to tell her about it, I hear this on the other line: "What is on your hand? Tell me that is not poop on your hand! Oh my goodness! That is poop on your hand!"
Her child found his way into the bathroom and decided to play in the toilet... While it had the 3 year old's poop in it... She wins. I bought her a caramel frappuccino as her prize. She deserves it. Her kid plays in his brother's poop.
Boys: Gross.

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